Move through your world with freedom, grace and ease

Rolfing Structural Integration is a unique and highly effective method of physical manipulation and movement education. Its brings dramatic and long lasting results by releasing deep restrictions and patterns within your fascia. Fascia is a highly complex and specialized network of connective tissue which is continuous throughout your entire body. Trauma, surgical procedures, inflammatory responses and habitual patterns create tightness throughout this network.

Rolfing is traditionally applied in a series of sessions. Each session is both a continuation of the previous and an introduction to the next. Through a combination of applied pressure and gentle movements, Rolfing frees and repositions the layers of fascia. As a result tension, tightness and habitual holding patterns are released, uncovering structural ease and balance within the body.

Rolfing improves your posture, alignment, coordination and balance. It will reduce chronic pain, increases efficiency and grace of movement and enhances athletic performance. It will also assist with injury recovery and postpartum recovery.


Improve Posture

Reduce stress

Carpal Tunnel relief

Increase efficiency and grace of movement

Relieve TMJ, neck and shoulder pain

Enhance your athletic performance

Reduce chronic low back pain

Assist injury recovery

Improve coordination and balance

Single Session - $180

A single session for an opportunity to see what Rolfing can do for you before committing to the 10 Series.

The 10 Series - $1500

Are you ready to commit? Address your whole body in great detail for long lasting changes and results through 10 Sessions of Rolfing Structural Integration.

Your purchase will be available immediately upon receipt of payment. You may contact anytime to schedule your appointments, ask questions or make special arrangements.

All Purchases come with my CLIENT FOR LIFE GUARANTEE – 100% Happiness or your money back!

About Me

I am an experienced, intuitive and heart centered practicioner. I believe that Rolfing deeply affects us physically as well as emotionally, spiritually and energetically. The process changes the way we relate to and move through the world around us. My years of experience allow me to create space for you to release and unwind the years of pain, trauma and habitual patterns that are no longer serving you. My professional career began in 1994 at the Atlanta School of Massage. I was accepted into the Rolf Institute for the Basic Certification in 1998 and completed my Advanced Certification in 2013. In April 2017 I received my Cranial Manipulation Certification from Jim Asher at the Colorado Cranial Institute. my interest in Cranial manipulation lies in its benefits for trauma, head trauma, PTSD and its ability to create deep relaxation in the nervous system.

I have been Rolfing in Northern Va since 2005 and currently work at the Center for Integrative Healing Arts in Herndon, Virginia.

I am truly looking forward to hearing from you. I would love to hear about you and your interest in Rolfing.